Ultrafine Mill for Gold Quartz

Ultrafine Mill for Gold Quartz

Super-fine gold quartz ball mill working principle

Ultrafine mills is by host, analysis machine, pipe, fan, etc. It can be equipped with crusher, elevator, electromagnetic vibration feeding machine, motor, if these are necessary. After crushed to the required size of quartz ore gold, the elevator will send quartz mine gold storage hopper, then through continuous evenly vibrating feeder is expected to Raymond mill indoors, due to the rotating centrifugal force, roll out, according to the ring, the effect of the shovel dug quartz grinding roller and grinding ring, the fracture between implemented by roll. Grinding fine stone after being carried into the circulating air blower machine, separation of fine through the coarse quartz resharpening, qualified fine powder into the air through the powder tube, is the finished product cyclone collection of powder. In ultrafine mill for gold quartz has certain moisture indoors quartz aggregate by grinding, when heated, water evaporation, pipeline interface is not tight, the air is inhaled into the outside world, promoting the circulation of the blood pressure, to ensure the hyperfine gold quartz crusher work under the condition of negative pressure, the increase of air flow through a pipe into the dust catcher, and purified the back into the atmosphere.

Ultrafine Mill for Gold Quartz form

Super-fine gold quartz mill is key equipment for grinding. It is widely used in mining, new building material, glass, ceramic, etc. According to the different forms of materials, it can be divided into tabular type and flowing type and grinding of two methods: wet process and dry process. Wet processing plant, the material was ground water, while the latter could not. The machine by feeding, discharging, rotary part, transmission part (reducer, small transmission gear, motor, electric control), etc. Using steel hollow shaft and large gear from casting rolling machining rotary.

SCM series of ultra-fine grinding

SCM ultrafine mill fineness, can be adjusted according to need between 325 to 2500 mesh, disposable product fineness can reach D97 ≤ 5μm. By grinding chamber without rolling, no screws, bearings and seals so the problem does not exist vulnerability, screw loosening and destruction of the machine there is no problem, safe and reliable. Advantages: Low cost, high performance; good stability, high reliability; product size distribution is good; equipped with pulse dust collector and muffler, greatly reducing the dust pollution, truly clean, environmentally friendly high efficiency, low energy consumption, safe and reliable.

T130X ultrafine mill strengthen

T130X strengthen superfine grinding mill is our expert on the basis of market research and statistical analysis of a large number of domestic mill use of the user and recommendations in the original patented product - TGM Super Pressure Trapezium Mill based on the Innovative design of the new mill. The models in succession and optimized TGM Super Pressure Trapezium Mill structural characteristics, they also formed its own unique characteristics. T130X mill mainly by the host, reducer, analysis, maintenance platforms, fans, bypass powder collector, cabinet and other components. Auxiliary of jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, storage silos and other components. Advantages: base made of high-strength, anti-vibration crack ductile iron; in the body is connected to the base completely soft, non-rigid contact; reducer and motor with V-belt transmission of power conducive overload; hosts reducer elastic sleeve pin coupling; precise speed control, process control, mobility, high degree of automation; analysis machine uses high-density blades, can improve the powder fineness and production, to avoid the "run meal" phenomenon; bypass set Pink small pressure loss, high efficiency dust collection.