Used Aggregate Crushing Shaker Screens

Used Aggregate Crushing Shaker Screens

Shaker as sand production line , stone production line and other production line equipment indispensable equipment for production and quality production out of the gravel and sand has a key role , how to choose efficient shaker becomes very important. Here's a look at shaker screening should be noted :

From coarse to fine screening

Vibrating sieve surface by the thickness of the overlap , compact sieve structure. Meanwhile, a large mesh size sieve placed on top , easy to wear. Increase the shaker excitation force , can fully pass through all the fine sieve , reducing the chance of inclusions in coarse products , which in modern screening technology is widely adopted .

From fine to coarse screening

Vibrating sieve surface parallel arrangement to facilitate the material , and can reduce the specifications of a compound of fine inclusions ; But when using this screening sequence , structure shaker larger size , all materials are first through the sieve pores surface , accelerated the damage the screen surface pores .

Shaker operating points should be noted

  1. To strictly check the quality of the selection screen , the better the quality . aggregate crushing shaker screens generally have the upper and lower layers of screening force two layers , requiring between these two layers to closely fit , pre-tensioning process is poor if the screen when the screen layer taut force screening layer is not stretched , it will reduce the force throw cuttings , the cuttings can not be discharged ;
  2. When aggregate crushing shaker screens sieve tensioning enough, will cause the screen vibrate , making it easy edging along the screen edges or layering of the broken or damaged ;
  3. When the cuttings will quickly accumulate in the sieve mesh is damaged , you can increase the vibration amplitude ; replace sieve mesh sieve or adjust a single flow , to ensure the flow of drilling fluid close to the screen dead exports , so that the cuttings in lubricating fluids under the smooth discharge ; water washed sieve and cuttings , cuttings reduced viscosity, adjust the screen angle sand discharge port side down , in favor of cuttings discharged by gravity .