Pebbles Sand Production Line Configuration

Pebbles Sand Production Line Configuration

In recent years, the mechanism of sand widely welcomed by the construction industry , and pebbles in the sand is sand industry shine. Which pebble crushing unit production line processing more economical , efficient , cost-effective it? My company has many years of pebbles sand making equipment design and production experience , to provide users with the following recommendations : the best use of the principle of pressure crusher crusher equipment : Cobblestone is a high hardness materials , the use of the principle of pressure crusher crusher equipment is most appropriate , can greatly reduce the wear of wear parts and machine life. Laminated principle crushing equipment: jaw crusher , fine jaw crusher and cone crusher and so on.

Recommended as a secondary cone crusher crushing equipment , which can improve long-term benefits: pebble stone crushing these relatively hard material , preferably in such a crushing process : first primary jaw crusher crushing, then into cone crusher for secondary crushing , and then enter the sand conducted three broken , so the lowest energy consumption can produce more finished sand .

Investment budget is small, choose to replace the fine jaw crusher cone crusher as secondary crushing equipment: fine jaw crusher cone crusher relative low investment cost , alternative cone crusher as secondary crushing equipment can also be achieved expected results. The user to choose when buying big brands, big manufacturers, to avoid late because of the quality of equipment problems causing unnecessary economic losses and a series of troubles.

High wear spare parts must be selected : cobblestone relatively hard , so crushing equipment required for wear parts is high, such as the jaw , dental plate , rolling acetabular wall , etc. , wear parts life is too short will cause frequent repair equipment replacement, not only increase maintenance time , will result in the whole life is shortened, reducing benefits and other issues.

Cobblestone is a high quality sand and gravel aggregate , but because of its texture is extremely hard , wear and tear on the broken equipment is very serious , making the crushing costs dramatically. We hope the above suggestions can be provided for the user to find the best production line configuration and reduce the cost of sand . If you have any questions you can leave us a message, or contact our online customer service, we are happy to serve you.