New Impact Crusher

New Impact Crusher

The new impact crusher is a more advanced series of impact crushers. It is used for coarse, medium and fine crushing of medium hardness and low abrasive brittle materials. It is used for recycling railways, highways, building aggregates and construction waste. Such as the better choice of industrial applications, especially broken construction waste performance is particularly prominent, can break the construction waste of a thousand millimeters into usable stone, the user feedback after the production is evaluated as "new impact crusher crushing construction waste It’s amazing!” In general, the user is very satisfied with this device. Here is the introduction of this new impact crusher.

The new impact crusher is a continuous non-mechanical crusher. It is used for various materials with a crushing side length of not more than 500mm and a compressive strength of not more than 360Mpa. It combines the crushing principles such as striking, counterattack, centrifugal shock, shearing and grinding to make the energy and broken cavity fully obtained. Effective use, high crushing efficiency, fine and uniform discharge, good grain size and angular shape, less needle shape, continuous particle size and less powder. It is often used as the final crushing of roadbed roads with high requirements for aggregates. Fine crushing operations in building materials, chemicals, mining, and metallurgical industries.

impact Crusher

New impact crusher outstanding advantages

  1. Easy to adjust. The backlash plate and the plate hammer clearance are adjusted by hydraulic equipment, and the operation is convenient;
  2. Safety lock device. The equipment is equipped with a variety of safety locking devices to improve safety and reduce labor intensity;
  3. The crushing ratio is large. The two-stage counter-shock breaking chamber is the crushing ratio that can be achieved by the traditional three-stage counter-attack plate crushing chamber;
  4. Banana type hammer. Unique locking structure, good impact resistance, wear resistance and stable discharge particle size; Modular design and flexible application. After a simple configuration, changes in coarse, medium, fixed, and mobile applications can be achieved, and wear parts can be easily replaced;

    Ultra heavy duty rotor design. Conducive to the breaking of large materials and improve the efficiency of crushing, while high-quality welding ensures that the machine can withstand large impacts and achieve good crushing effect.

The above introduces the new type of impact crusher with broken construction waste. If you are interested in this equipment, you can always consult our online customer service online for free. Here are professional technicians to answer your questions.