Mobile Sand Making Equipment Price

Mobile Sand Making Equipment Price

The mobile sand making machine has gradually become the "new darling" of the sand making site. Its strong convenience and simple maintenance in the later stage have made the bosses have to be tempted. The full price of the mobile sand making machine is about 70-200 million. The specific price depends on the model of the equipment.

Mobile sand making machine

  1. Drive form: tire type mobile sand making machine, crawler type mobile sand making machine
  2. Production: 12-858t/h
  3. Scope of application: crushed limestone, river gravel, granite, basalt, construction waste (brick, road concrete, reinforced concrete) of natural stone, coal mine and metal ore, etc.
  4. Commonly used mobile sand making equipment complete set: mobile feeding + smashing / moving sand making machine + screening + centralized electric control + conveyor belt;

In fact, the mobile sand making equipment in the industry is called the mobile sand making machine, which is composed of sand making machine, vibrating screen and other equipment, and is arranged on the tire type or crawler type frame. It has integrated assembly structure and handling. The strong control system and the hybrid system of oil and electricity can realize the problem of turning at any time and crushing on the spot, solving the problem that the production site is difficult to select and the material transportation cost is high in the later stage.

Advantages of mobile sand making equipment

  1. With the stop and go, the two vehicle-mounted devices can provide enough transfer power for the whole equipment to realize the flow sand making operation.
  2. Intelligent control and easy maintenance. The equipment is equipped with PLC intelligent control system, which can check the running status of the equipment at any time. The inspection of the entire vehicle-mounted device only needs “one-button operation”;
  3. The sand production value is high and the finished product is controllable. It can be equipped with various types of sand making machine type, which has high production of sand, and has good effect on the granularity control of finished products, and has a shaping effect;
  4. Environmental protection and energy saving, low cost of use: The equipment is equipped with a dust removal and dust reduction device to achieve green production, and production does not require piling, saving time and money.

Mobile sand making equipment for high profitability

1. A single mobile crusher can contain three processes of feeding, crushing and sieving, which is equivalent to a small sand and gravel plant. If the vibrating screen and the crusher are used to form a closed loop operation, the quality can be obtained. Protection.

2. The mobile sand making equipment is put into production quickly. Unlike the conventional fixed crushing, the mobile crushing machine does not need to build cement platforms, measure the terrain, etc. The integrated assembly equipment and compact structure can save more time. No need to worry about the venue.

3, biased to the personalized design, the equipment can be customized or selected by the user to customize the user's needs, there are two styles of tire and crawler styles to choose from, different walking, control, with Come to different production experiences.

4. The intelligent control system of the mobile crusher is one of its highlights. In the modern society of pursuing simplicity, the industrial production is slowly and cumbersomely turned to be quick and easy, and the staff only needs to pass the display screen and keyboard during the production line operation. The adjustment device can be detected.

5. Many users have indicated that the mobile investment of the mobile crusher is high in the early stage, but the return cycle is very short. The reason is that it saves the transportation, manpower, maintenance and other costs, so that it can also take into account the efficient operation, the power of dual-use. The system is also the guarantee that it is not afraid of complicated situations.