Mobile crusher crushing sand

Mobile crusher crushing sand

The mobile crusher equipment, scientific name "mobile crusher, mobile crushing station", is a common crushing equipment in the current mining equipment market. The equipment broke the ground of the fixed crusher, fixed installation mode, carried forward the flexibility and adaptability of the mobile device, and set off a buying boom in the market.

The variety of mobile crushers is inevitably confusing for new users, such as which type is more suitable, and which type of model is more suitable for production needs? This article introduces the following analysis and analysis of the types of mobile crushers and users concerned, I hope to help you.

Mobile crusher type

1. E-type mobile crusher. The equipment is mainly used in the coarse crushing stage. Both soft and hard materials can be crushed. The motor power is small, there are hundreds of models to choose from, the output is high and low, and it is very popular in small and medium sandstone factories. Of course, we have many other model specifications to choose from.

mobile crusher

2. Impact mobile crusher. The equipment can be used for medium and fine crushing operations. It can crush and shape the hardness (granite, concrete) and other materials. It has a multi-purpose machine, large feed port and less stone powder. It can meet your requirements for high-quality sandstone aggregate.

3. Cone mobile crusher. It can effectively and finely crush high-hardness materials, integrating mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and intelligent control, which is convenient and convenient.

4. Hammer type mobile crusher. It can crush medium and fine crushing of medium hardness (bluestone, limestone) materials, which can be molded at one time. The output is large, the motor power is large, the feeding is large, the discharging is fine, and the crushing effect is good.

Is the mobile crusher expensive?

Is it expensive to buy a mobile crusher like this? This kind of equipment belongs to the new type of mining equipment. The time, energy, manpower and raw materials invested in the production period are higher than the fixed crusher, so the purchase cost is also high. In general, larger models are higher than smaller models; devices with higher technical capabilities give higher prices. You can specify the type, model requirements, or click on the customer service to get a reasonable recommendation and accurate quote.