Jaw Crusher Working Principle

Jaw Crusher Working Principle

Jaw crusher has the stability, reliable operation, long use life, loosely organized, less dust, noise is small, weight maintenance simple, low power consumption, has incomparable advantages in other crushing equipment. At the same time, big crushing ratio, uniform end product size, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, economic operation, etc. Widely used in mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry, and many other departments, broken various material compressive strength less than 320 million mpa.

Jaw crusher design principle

Jaw crusher in the crushing cavity is fixed jaw and activities of the jaw, fixed jaw and movable jaw lined with crushing plate made of manganese steel, bolted on the jaw crushing plate, in order to improve the crushing effect, both the surface of the crushing plate with a vertical corrugated, methods and relative, so, besides have crushed effect of minerals, and the effect of bending and shearing.

Crusher cavity walls on both sides of the work also equipped with manganese steel lining board, and as a result of the broken plate wear is uneven, the lower abrasion is bigger, therefore, are often made up and down the broken symmetry, in order to lower the wear, its cause and repeated use, large jaw crusher crushing plate is made up by many rocks, each are interchangeable, so that you can use the broken plate longer.

Activity the motion of the jaw is implemented crank double rocker mechanism and crank double rocker mechanism by the eccentric shaft, connecting rod, the thrust plate, before and after the thrust plate of eccentric shaft in a frame on the wall of main bearing and connecting rod connecting rod on the (head) is installed on the part of eccentric shaft, one end of the thrust plate support before and after the connecting rod head on both sides of the bracket in the groove of the seat, on the other side of the thrust plate support after the moving jaw of the bottom of wall bracket seat, and then the other end of the thrust plate is supported on frame wall bracket after, when the eccentric shaft through v-belt pulley from motor rotating power, makes the connecting rod moves up and down, the connecting rod and the up and down movement of driving thrust plate movement, due to the thrust plate changing Angle, thus make the moving jaw around the spindle swing, connecting rod when the upward movement of broken ore, when the connecting rod in the lower part of the lowest position, the thrust plate and the horizontal Angle for ten or twelve degrees.

The working principle of the jaw crusher

Jaw crusher are main structure frame, eccentric shaft, pulley, flywheel, moving jaw, side guard plate, bracket, bracket in the back seat, adjustable gap screw, reset spring, fixed jaw and movable jaw plate, etc, the bracket also have insurance effect. This series of jaw crusher broken way for dynamic JiYaXing, motor drive belt and pulley, make through eccentric shaft dynamic jaw movement up and down, when moving jaw rises between the bracket and dynamic jaw Angle, so as to promote dynamic jaw plate to the fixed jaw close, at the same time the material will be squeezed, rub multiple crushing, grinding, etc. When the moving jaw downward, bracket and dynamic jaw Angle between smaller, under the action of moving jaw in a bar, spring away from fixed jaw plate, now broken material from crushing cavity mouth eduction, as the motor turns continuously broken mobile jaw for periodic crushing and discharging, realize batch production.

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