Gravel Crusher For Sale

Gravel Crusher For Sale

High degree of automation Zenith stone production line production, large crushing ratio, high production efficiency, large capacity, through the crusher product was cube-shaped, low flakiness content, without internal cracks, engage in high pressure. Equipment maintenance is simple, wearing parts using the latest high-strength wear-resistant materials, low loss, long life, customers can bring considerable economic benefits. Sand and gravel production line, stone crushing production line, successfully applied to crushing and processing of limestone, basalt, granite, pebbles and other rocks, product quality crusher after fully meet the standards for higher road, rail, water, concrete mixing stations and other industries qualified aggregate.

Zenith Crusher Aggregate flakiness to solve problems

Mainly by the size of the mesh size gravel to ensure shaker to meet the specifications of the size of the screen is limited to the type of shaker, installation angle, the screen surface area and operating conditions. Graded gravel crusher mainly by adjusting the screening efficiency nesting population size and shaker to ensure (screening efficiency affect the size of the quality grading gravel). Flakiness particles have on liquidity adversely affect commodity concrete, gravel and sand affects both, bond and other cementitious materials for concrete products is harmful things.

First, the choice of impact crusher or cone crusher production rubble. Impact Crusher Impact method is the use of crushed rock, produced mostly stone cube, less flakiness content. Corporations are squeezing cone crusher crushing gravel but produce less flakiness also mainly achieved laminated cone crusher broken, broken particles occurs not only between the particles and the liner, but occurs in particles and particle between. Between the particles against each other so that the flat and elongated particles fracture along its thin sections, and each rock particles in the crushing cavity can also get repeatedly broken, and therefore better granularity less flakiness; another cone Crusher job stability, low failure rate, is widely used in foreign countries.

Second, a reasonable crushing and screening process. After satellites such as stone crusher crushing or in pieces after it directly into the final product finished sieve, sieve size smaller than the material will go directly to the final product, it increased the proportion of flakiness content, showing reasonable crushing and screening process is also a way to reduce flakiness content of gravel.

Three, crusher stable, continuous feed. Regardless of gravel crusher production, we need a stable, continuous feed, one is to increase production, on the other hand can reduce flakiness gravel content, because stable and continuous feeding will make broken machine packed with feeding, ensure mutual extrusion material and material crushing cavity between flat and elongated particles makes its thin section along the fracture. If the supply is not sufficient, squeezed between the material and the material can not be achieved, some of the pin sheet material may prematurely due to lack of opportunity to squeeze the crusher discharge affects the final product quality.

Professional product quality and ease of service

Pre-sale services: to provide users with detailed product information and performance presentation; led customers to visit the factory and machinery production workshop, a detailed understanding of the machine; according to the detailed requirements of the customer free to customers configure the appropriate line. Sale of services: Confirm customer requirements, to recommend the most appropriate equipment, cost savings for customers; For accessories and consumable products to the ex-factory price deals available.

Service: the need for technical services, will send staff to participate in professional and technical services unpacking acceptance and supervision of installation and commissioning work until the normal operation of equipment; according to the user, and to provide targeted technical training, product quality tracking, users regularly visit timely manner to improve product performance based on user needs, and constantly improve product quality.