Cone Crusher Costs

Cone Crusher Costs

Cone crusher introduction

The cone crusher is abbreviated as cone crusher and is widely used in sand and gravel yards, concrete sand, dry mortar, construction waste, machine-made sand, power plant desulfurization and other industries. It is used to crush medium and medium hardness (below 350 MPa). Ore and rock, such as calcite, limestone, granite, river pebble, dolomite, bluestone, glass, cement clinker, iron ore, etc.

Cone crusher performance characteristics

The combination of high-performance crushing chamber type and high crushing frequency makes the processing capacity of the cone crusher greatly improved. Because of the laminating crushing principle, the crushed products are mostly cubic structures, which greatly reduces the needle-shaped materials. The cone crusher has a simple structure, is easy to operate, maintains, and the discharge port is convenient and quick to adjust, saving time and labor during maintenance, especially the lining plate is easy to replace quickly, reducing downtime.

When the unbreakable foreign matter passes through the crushing chamber or the machine is overloaded for some reason, the cone crusher spring insurance system realizes the insurance, and the cone crusher discharges the ore. The foreign matter is discharged from the crushing chamber of the cone crusher. If the foreign matter is stuck in the discharge port, the clearing system is used, so that the ore discharge continues to increase, so that the foreign matter is discharged into the crushing cavity of the cone crusher. Under the action of the spring, the cone crusher automatically resets the discharge port, and the cone crusher resumes normal operation. The cone crusher series crusher is divided into three types: coarse crusher cone crusher, medium crush cone crusher and fine crusher cone crusher. It can be purchased according to different needs of users.

Cone crusher operating costs

The operating cost of the cone crusher has an important impact on the economic benefits of the company. How to reduce the operating cost of the cone crusher has always been a concern of customers. To this end, the machine has become an over-high problem for solving the operation of the cone crusher. The structure of the cone crusher has been optimized and improved. By introducing advanced technical experience at home and abroad, the high operating rate of the cone crusher has been transformed and improved. The quality of the wearing parts reduces the failure rate and maintenance costs, and greatly reduces the operating cost of the cone crusher.

Cone crusher working principle

When the cone crusher is working, the rotation of the motor is rotated by a pulley or a coupling, a cone crusher drive shaft and a conical crusher cone under a urging of the eccentric sleeve. Therefore, the cone crushing wall is sometimes close to each other, and sometimes the surface of the corrugated wall fixed on the adjusting sleeve is removed, so that the ore is continuously subjected to impact, pressing and bending in the crushing chamber to realize the crushing of the ore.