Concrete Crushing Machinery

Concrete Crushing Machinery

What kind of machinery is used to break concrete into building stone?

Generally, the raw materials that are crushing into building stones are stone, stone, etc., but concrete is also one of its raw materials, and as construction waste continues to grow, concrete is crushing into building stone and it is getting more and more fragrant. It is related to its easy to obtain and cheap. Now there are so many crushing machines on the market. What kind of machinery is used for crushing concrete? This article will explain in detail for everyone.

Machinery for crushing concrete into building stone

There are two types of building stone, one is stone and the other is sand. These two are essential items in the construction industry. Different stone materials require different equipment, one needs crushing production machinery, one kind It is a sand production machine. Here is a description of the equipment that is more suitable for crushing concrete.

Concrete is the main component of construction waste, and construction waste knows that it is relatively scattered. If these are concentrated and transported to one piece and then broken, it will cause secondary pollution. In order to avoid these pollution problems, mobile crushing machinery It is no better to deal with these. This equipment can be driven directly to the crushing site, without infrastructure, fast production, high efficiency, and it is optimized, the equipment needed for the production line is basically installed on the mobile rack. For example, feeders, crushers, sieving machines, and even some conveyors, the entire production line is smooth, and the floor space is still small. Which types of mobile crushing machines are mainly used below.

Crushing Machinery

  1. 1. Mobile jaw crusher, this equipment is mainly used as the head of the production line to process large blocks of concrete. Some concrete blocks are half-high, and only it can handle such large pieces of material.
  2. 2, mobile impact crusher, in order to break the concrete into stone, the particle size used only by the mobile jaw crusher is not feasible, so the secondary crushing system is also needed, so the cone crusher that is not the same as the secondary crushing equipment is not needed. Because the cone crusher has a large hardness, but its price is relatively expensive, and the hardness of the concrete is not so large. It is enough to use a mobile impact crusher. It is cheap and the particle size is better.
  3. 3, mobile sand making machine, this equipment is used in the sand production line, its discharge granularity is finer, both plastic and plastic, the crushing cavity type adopts unique design, it is not easy to generate dust and noise in the production process, in line with The country is now demanding environmental protection.

In summary, it is better to use concrete jaw crusher, mobile back crusher, and mobile sander to crush concrete into building stone. Users can make reasonable matching according to actual production conditions.

Mobile crushing machine price of crushing concrete

Although the above introduces several kinds of mobile crushing machines for crushed concrete, it is impossible to determine the price of them, because although their types are roughly determined, due to the different production conditions of users, for example, some users need to be broken. Into the construction of stone, and some users need to be broken into building sand, the choice of equipment will be different. In addition, the difference in scale requires different models of the machine. The general model has a large output and high price, so different device models required by different users will also cause price differences.