Coal mine crushing equipment in Afghanistan

Coal mine crushing equipment in Afghanistan

Coal mine in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a landlocked country located in south central Asia, the heart area of Asia. It has a different definition of its position. And sometimes it would be considered at the Central Asia or South Asia, and even be classified in the Middle East Area.

Afghanistan has moderate to potentially abundant coal resources. Much of the coal is relatively deep or currently inaccessible, however, and the scale of development has been limited. Indigenous coal has been used in Afghanistan for small industry (notably in the manufacturing of cement and textiles, and in food processing), and as a primary source of fuel in both raw and briquetted forms. Electrical generation from coal has occurred only on a temporary basis when coal was used as a substitute fuel for generation by natural gas. The main factors limiting the more widespread use of coal in the past appear to have been the rugged terrain of the country, the lack of a transportation network to deliver coal, and the absence of an industrial infrastructure to utilize the coal. In addition, the geology of Afghan coal is poorly understood, and much of the known coal occurs in structurally deformed areas where exploitation can be difficult.

Coal mine crushing equipment

Shanghai Zenith is a heavy machinery manufacturer subordinate to China Mechanical Industry Mechanization Construction Controlling Company. The leading products include a whole set of ore concentration equipment and sandstone equipment, such as ball mills, crushers, grinding mills, flotation machines, sand-makers, vibrating screens, sand washing machine, which have a wide field of application.

Crushing equipments which will be used in coal mine include jaw crusher, impact crusher,and vibrating screen.

Jaw crusher

Zenith's jaw crusher is easily the most common type of the stone crusher.Jaw crusher can be a reliable and reliable brand due to its high quality and good manufacturing. It's an expert in creating jaw crusher that's broadly placed on crush high hardness, mid hardness and soft rocks.

Impact crusher

Zenith's impact crusher often offer unbeatable performances in the secondary or tertiary crushing.Not only effectively increase productivity and final product quality, but also greatly reduce the investment costs and operation costs.

Vibrating screen

After several years' exploration, Zenith's vibrating screen has achieved to the international standard.Nowadays, Zenith's vibrating screens have played a great role in open-pit mining. Meanwhile, the price and cost of Zenith's vibrating screen is also very attractive for those mining investors who are eager to find a high-efficiency vibrating screen for rent and sale.