Bauxite Machinery Cost

Bauxite Machinery Cost

Bauxite processing process

Alumina bauxite, also known as vanadium or bauxite, is mainly composed of alumina and has a hardness of 1-3 grades. It is brittle and difficult to dissolve. Mainly used for aluminum smelting and refractory materials. Today we will introduce the processing process of alumina and its necessary equipment.

The specific process of alumina refining alumina is: the natural bauxite is coarsely broken by a coarse crusher, and then placed in a rotary kiln for high-temperature calcination. The calcined bauxite is then crushed by a hammer crusher. Screened by a circular vibrating screen, the qualified bauxite particles were then ground by a Raymond mill to a predetermined particle size. Therefore, the equipment required for bauxite processing and their respective functions are as follows:


Jaw Crusher: Jaw Crusher is mainly used for the initial breakage of bauxite. If the natural bauxite particles are not large, it can be coarsely broken without the jaw crusher. If the grit is larger, it can be used. The crusher is coarsely broken, because the alumina which is broken into small particles is more conducive to the next calcination, and the crushed bauxite is stored in the material pile, and can be stored for half a month or one month as needed.

Bauxite processed into 600 mesh mill

Combined with various types of mills on the market, the 600-mesh alumina mill with high cost performance is an ultra-fine mill. This equipment can process various Mohs hardness of 9.3 or less and humidity below 7%. Non-flammable and explosive mineral product, and its finished particle size can be adjusted between 80 mesh and 1250 mesh according to demand. For some materials, it can be processed up to 2000 mesh, which is a relatively hard core bauxite mill.

The extremely high application value of bauxite is deeply loved by all walks of life. For the processing and treatment of bauxite, the more effective way is to use the milling equipment to improve the purity of the bauxite, thereby improving the utilization efficiency of bauxite. The effect can be used to grind the bauxite by using a Raymond pulverizer, and the operation is stable and the powder discharging efficiency is high.

Bauxite machinery price

For the price of bauxite machinery, the user is very concerned, due to market factors, manufacturers factors, etc., will affect the manufacturer's cost quotation for equipment, so users can not blindly value the price of equipment, but also pay attention to the quality of equipment, manufacturers' services, The performance of the use of quality, the value of creation, etc., comprehensive consideration, can guarantee the subsequent production plan.