100 Tons of Stone Crusher

100 Tons of Stone Crusher

The development of society is also an opportunity for the development of ore crushing industry. The 100-ton stone crusher is popular among users because of its small investment and high profit. What are the stone crushers with 100 tons of mine? ? What is the price? Please see the explanation below.

100 tons of stone crusher for mining

1. Equipment suitable for crushing large stones: Since the size of the ore that is blasted is uncontrollable, the raw stone is large and small. There are two kinds of equipment for large stones. One is the commonly used head breaking equipment. The crusher has a large feed port. The other is the heavy hammer crusher, which not only has a large feed port, but also a rare one-time crushing device, but it is more suitable for medium soft rock.

2, suitable for secondary crushing equipment: commonly used secondary crushing equipment has a impact crusher and a cone crusher, according to the hardness of the stone raw materials, to determine whether the choice of impact crusher or cone crusher. Generally speaking, both of these equipments are used to process the crushed jaw crusher. If you choose, the main reason is to see the stone material hardness, fragile or not fragile, or intuitively hard or soft. The hard material selection cone is broken, and the soft material selection is impact crushed. The main reason is that the hard material selection is impact-attacked, the cost of subsequent wearing parts is high, the equipment wears badly, the maintenance rate is high, and the cone breakage solves this problem better, and the operating cost is lower.

Stone Crusher

3. Mine crusher suitable for many occasions: The above descriptions are all applicable to long-term fixed stone crushers. However, the general project is short and the construction period is relatively tight. Then we must use the mobile stone crusher, which is less. The construction time can also realize the rapid transition; in addition, if the conditions are relatively harsh and the power is difficult to supply, the crawler mobile crusher can be selected, which can be used for both oil and electricity; the main crusher of this mobile crusher is flexible and can be configured. Fully meet the user's production requirements, and we can also customize the mobile stone crusher according to your personal requirements.

The price of stone crusher with 100 tons of mine

From the above description of the type of mining stone crusher with a production capacity of 100 tons, we can see that it has a wide variety of models. Each type of equipment meets the production capacity of 100 tons, and there are many models, so this is not for everyone. A specific price. Although we can't list the price of each device for everyone, but here you can tell everyone how to get the quotation of the equipment you need. You can consult online customer service for free. There is a professional technical manager here according to your requirements. You tailored to your production line process and selected and quoted for you.