Coal Gangue Crusher

Coal Gangue Crusher

Coal gangue introduction

Coal gangue was activated by means of calcination in seven temperature ranges. Systematic research was made about activation mechanism and structural evolution. Glycerin-ethanol method were used to determine the variation of structure and activation of coal gangue during the calcination. The experimental results show that because of heat treatment in the range of calcination temperature, mineral composition and microstructure of coal gangue are changed. In addition, its activity is improved evidently.

Along with the national environmental protection law enforcement increasing, people rise requirement of the environment quality. The issue of solving the environment pollution caused by Coal Gangue is becoming more and more serious. Gangue power is to make full use of the efficient heat ingredient of Gangue, turning waste to wealth. It's the efficient way to slove the problem.

Coal gangue crusher

In coal production process, there will be large volume of coal gangue and tailings generated, which will pollute the environment. To solve this problem and make use of the coal gangue, Zenith develops the high quality coal gangue crusher. It is designed to reduce large coal gangue into fine particle size. There are different types of coal gangue crusher according to final products applications. Zenith coal gangue crushing plants can reduce the coal gangue to coarse particle size or fine powders. The coal gangue crusher can also be applied to crush brittle materials, such as ore gangue, coke, slag, red sandstone, shale, loose limestone etc.

Advantages of Zenith's crusher

Shanghai Zenith crusher is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving crusher. It requirement strick quality in processing. In the constant technical improvement and innovation, the coal gangue crushers being manufactured are wear better. Good- perform coal gangue crusher is with low fineness output, low noise, energy saving, convenient to use, etc. It well effects hard, dry and wet material. It does not plug, moisture percentage available, output fineness 90%.

Coal gangue crusher has the following features: saving the energy, guaranteeing the discharged material size, the higher production efficiency, the lower noise, the less dust and so on. What's more, the discharge opening can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements. Coal gangue crusher is a machine which is utilized to crush the coal, and it is the most suitable to crush each brittle materials, like coal, gangue, coke, slag, red sandstone, shale, loose limestone, etc.