Artificial Sand Making Process

Artificial Sand Making Process

River sand can not meet people's development and construction of the necessary amount of sand , a sharp rise in the amount of construction sand , but the amount of natural sand collected by the natural river sand erosion limits the growth of river sand for the normal flow of the river and the river security caused some security risks. In order to secure the river , the country has issued a ban on logging orders requiring some time to sand , and the amount of sand is restricted . Resulting in the development of the building with a sharp rise in the amount of sand needed , so sand prices have started to rise year after year , but the lack of natural sand causes we must find better ways to solve the contradiction between supply and inadequate building production with sand between . Market demand for , the contradiction between supply and demand , artificial sand appeared.

Artificial sand process which devices to use

Artificial sand making machine is the vertical impact crusher. It is widely used in various ores, cement , refractories, aluminum where the soil clinker , carborundum, glass raw materials, mechanism building sand , stone and various metallurgical slag and other industries. Artificial Sand - vertical impact crusher, commonly known as the Sand . It is our company's many years of research and specialist mining equipment crystallization of wisdom and the right decisions , is an internationally advanced level of low energy equipment , its performance plays an irreplaceable role in a variety of fine ore broken equipment , is the most effective , practical and reliable gravel machines.

The standard measure of artificial sand

Fineness modulus is an important indicator of the quality of artificial sand directly affect workability, strength , impermeability , and economic indicators concrete. Due to the different parts of the country of artificial sand making production of mineral resources , production and processing mechanisms sand equipment and processes different types and produce artificial sand gradation may be a big difference. Shanghai Machinery Co., Ltd. sebang through a comprehensive test equipment for a variety of factors , people , materials, environment , technology and other analysis to identify the key reasons and take a number of control measures targeted to make artificial sand fineness modulus reached a contract requirements .

Currently, China's largest Three Gorges Project , the Yellow River Xiaolangdi Project use the Shanghai World state of artificial sand production line processing of artificial sand preparation of concrete , artificial sand formulated a maximum height from ordinary concrete and concrete pumping C10-C70 , and pumping up 400m; preparation of a span of 64m prestressed concrete beams . The actual strength of concrete 90 days in the laboratory design strength C100 reaches 155Mpa. Artificial sand can be widely used in concrete, mortar and articles . Artificial sand get in real life a wide range of applications , with the development of technology, it may completely replace the natural sand , which will show the broad prospects for development of artificial sand manufacturing industry .