SF Series Flotation Cell

SF Series Flotation Cell

SF Series Flotation Cell Brief Introduction

SF series flotation cell can imbibe the air and ore pulp spontaneously, with a fore-raking tank not liable to precipitation into the tank but facilitating returning of the foams. Its double-blade impeller can agitate the coarse sand at the bottom adequately.

SF Series Flotation Cell Working Principle

The flotation machine is the first mechanical open type machine to in corporate a vertical circulation of pulp, made possible by combining a "recirculation well" with the distinctive minerals top feed impeller. This arrangement provides positive vertical circulation of pulp similar to the action in a propeller agitator. Pulp from an intermediate zone of the cell is circulated down into the eye of the impeller, mixed with air, and diffused out over the entire bottom of the cell, creating a uniform upward current. This principle varies from most other mechanical open type cells which circulate pulp by lifting it up from the bottom of the cell into the centre of a rotating element.

The flotation machine mainly used for sorting copper,lead,zinc,aluminium,nickel,gold,silver and other non-ferrous metals can also be used for ferrous metals and non-metallic rough election and selection. Flotation Machine is used in dividing ferrous metal,non-ferrous metals and nonmetal such as talcum. The impellor rotating with the motor v-belt moving produced centrifugal force and formed negative force,which can mix the enough water with the mineral liquid and medicine making the minerals sticking to the foam,then the floating useful foam with ore powder is discharged by scratch board through adjusting the height of the lock plate.

  1. Large air suction amount, low power consumption.
  2. Horizontal arrangement, no foam pump required.
  3. Low peripheral velocity of the impeller, long service life of the impeller cover plate.
  4. Upper and lower double circulation of the ore pulp in a fixed way, which is conducive to the suspension of coarse grain minerals.