FL spiral classifier

FL spiral classifier

FL spiral classifier Brief Introduction

Zenith FL spiral classifiers are widely used for separation plant They can be combined with ball mill to form a closed circuit for preliminary classification and check classification,sometimes they can be applied for ore washing, des and dewatering as well.

FL spiral classifier Working Principle

The spiral classifiers eliminate the impurities by the buoyancy of water ,as we all knew the specific gravity of various materials are different ,so when spiral classifiers on operation , the spiral scatters will rotating , the strength of rotating spiral scatters will push the water going forward , at the same time , the light specific gravity which is mean the impurities will flowing with water , but the clear sand mater will fell down and going forward also by the strength of spiral scatters this the way how spiral classifiers doing .

  • Simple structure and easy to maintain
  • Easy operation and stable performance
  • Gravity connection with Ball mills,slurry pump conveying is not necessary.
  • Large volume with buffering and conveying effect, better for grinding work.