BF series flotation machine

BF series flotation machine

Flotation machine Brief Introduction

BF series flotation machine is improved from SF series but it is mainly used for iron ore and some other large proportion minerals. It imbibe the air and ore pulp spontaneously and the double-blade impeller can agitate the coarse sand at the bottom adequately.Floatation machine is applicable for separating non-ferrous metal, black metal, noble metal, non-metal mineral, raw body and materials of chemical industry, which are subject to coarse separation, swept separation, fine separation and floatation, so the useful ore are reclaimed.

Flotation machine Working Principle

When the floatation machine works, the motor drives the impeller to revolve, so the centrifugal effect and negative pressure are produced. On one hand, ample air is absorbed and mixed with mineral slurry, on the other hand, the mixed mineral slurry is mingled with additive, meanwhile, the foams are thinning, the mineral is bounded with foams, and floats up to the surface of mineral slurry and the mineralized foam is formed. The liquid surface can be adjusted with the height of adjustment flashboard, so that the useful foams are scraped with squeegee.

  • Impeller is composed of the dosed double section cones and it can produce strong slurry cycle downward;
  • The capacity of air suction is large, the power consumption is low;
  • Every tank gas three functions of air suction, slurry suction and flotation simultaneously being unique in flotation return circuit;
  • The circuit change is convenient for horizontal position without need for any supplementary equipment;
  • The slurry cycle is rational, the settlement of coarse sand can be reduced into full play.
  • The regulation is convenient to equip auto and electro-controlling arrangements for slurry level.