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Hammer Construction Waste Crusher

Hammer Construction Waste Crusher

Hammer construction waste crusher which crushing principle

Introduction: There are many types of construction waste crusher. Different types of equipment can complete the production process of different types of construction waste. Of course, the principle of crushing is also different. Here is the crushing principle of the hammer crusher used for construction waste. What are the problems?

The current situation in China is that construction waste has large reserves and many types. When processing it, different equipment is required to complete it. Therefore, the types of construction waste crushers we use are also relatively large, and the same type of crushing equipment is based on input materials. Different natures can choose different crushing principles to complete the crushing process. Here we are to introduce the problems of the hammer crusher working principle.

1. Cracking, this method mainly refers to the construction waste crusher work, with a plane and a work surface with a sharp edge extrusion material, the material along the pressure line of the fracture, splitting reason is due to the split surface The tensile stress on the material reaches the tensile strength limit of the material.

2, crushed, this method mainly refers to the construction of the garbage crusher to place the ore between the two crushing surfaces, the ore is broken due to the pressure reached after the pressure is applied.

3, broken, this prevention refers to the work of the construction waste crusher, using two working surfaces with a plurality of sharp edges to squeeze the material, the material like two points or multiple points of the concentrated load, when the material inside The material is broken when the bending stress reaches the bending strength limit.

4. Impact crushing, this method mainly refers to the construction waste crusher in the work, the material is broken by the impact force of the high-speed rotary parts, because the crushing force is an instant effect, so the crushing efficiency is high, the crushing ratio is large. The energy consumption is small, but the vertical wear is serious.

5. Grinding, this method mainly refers to the time when the construction waste crusher works. In the interior, the material and the moving work surface are subject to a certain pressure and shear force. The material is like a concentrated load or multi-supported beam. When the bending stress in the material reaches the bending strength limit, it is broken.

The article mainly introduces the problems of the crushing principle of the hammer-type construction waste crusher, mainly in five aspects. These different crushing principles can achieve the production of construction waste. For the selection of different principles, it can be better to complete the crushing. the process of.