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Sand Aggregate Industry


Major changes in the sand and gravel aggregate industry

Sand and gravel aggregates are industries that are attached to natural stone resources and have long been dominated by traditional production methods. With the increasing constraints on resources and ecological environment, the requirements for resource exploitation and environmental protection are becoming more and more strict, and the basic conditions for the survival of traditional sandstone industry have undergone major changes.

Exploitable resources

In the past, sand and gravel were mostly natural resources mined in rivers, rivers, lakes, seas and ancient rivers. In recent years, the requirements for protecting natural sandstone resources, treating river landscapes, and protecting the environment have become more and more stringent. Local governments have ordered the ban on mining or limited natural sand. Sand and gravel enterprises must turn to quarry mining and obtain finished products through processing and manufacturing. The source of the traditional sandstone industry has undergone major changes. Enterprises should find new stone resources for mining according to the re-planning and layout of sandstone resources by local governments.

Mining method, production method

In the past, natural sand and gravel resources were collected directly for engineering construction, and the amount of sand and gravel processing was very small; now it is necessary to mine stone ore and manufacture it through mechanical equipment. The original simple equipment, several sand mining vessels and several transport vehicles can meet the production requirements. It is a simple, free and dispersed manual or semi-mechanized production method. Now we must design the entire production system, and we need a complete set of high-quality, high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly mechanical equipment. We must build a production line and build a modern factory integrating mining, processing, transportation integration, automation, scale, and environmental protection.

Business model, investment scale

In the past, it was a small-scale, decentralized, multi-enterprise business; the future will be large-scale, centralized, and several large enterprises. In the past, small enterprises invested hundreds of thousands to produce, and large-scale enterprises invested millions to tens of millions. Now the mines use auction methods, which require complete sets of production equipment and hundreds of millions or billions of funds.

Due to the large-scale production and production efficiency, the number of enterprises will be drastically reduced. Some enterprises with simple equipment, small scale, high energy consumption and extensive operation will be eliminated. At present, the localities are constantly rectifying and shutting down enterprises. Within a few months, hundreds of enterprises in a river or a river basin belonging to a city have become several or even closed.

Competitive object

China's sand and gravel aggregates have entered the era of large mines, and the sandstone aggregate industry has received a lot of attention from all walks of life. The cross-border influx of enterprises has made the industry develop with each passing day. China National Building Material Group, China National Materials Group, Jidong Group, Conch Group, Huaxin Group, China Construction Group, Yangtze River Three Gorges Group and other upstream and downstream enterprises such as cement, concrete and engineering construction have entered; nonferrous metals, non-minerals, water conservancy, hydropower, etc. The company is entering. These enterprises have invested hundreds of millions to more than one billion yuan in various places to build a high-quality mechanism sandstone production line with an annual output of 10 million tons, which is very competitive. Some consulting, design, investment companies, etc. are also entering.

Competitive area

Aggregate aggregates are typical regional resources and regional use products. Due to the heavy weight and low value of the products, they are limited to the cost of transportation. They have been produced and used in small areas for decades. The competition is also in a small area. After some areas are banned or limited, they will be converted into larger areas or areas. competition. With the expansion from production to use, the transportation distance is gradually increasing, and the long-distance transportation of automobiles is obviously at a disadvantage. Enterprises close to water transportation will have obvious advantages.

Cost and price

Due to the exploitation and manufacturing of large-scale mechanical equipment, equipment investment has increased; environmental protection standards have increased, and environmental protection investment has increased accordingly; stone mines have adopted auction methods to increase the cost of purchasing stone mines. The rising cost of production factors has led to an increase in product prices. Without the mining areas where no quarry can be mined, the price of sand and gravel will continue to rise. At present, the price of sandstone has increased by 40% or more in some areas, and prices will continue to rise in the future.