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Vertical Mill Finished Product Packaging

Vertical Mill Finished Product Packaging

Guide: The use of the finished product of the vertical mill determines the income of the entire grinding production line, and the finished product of good quality must ensure that the transportation process is not affected, in order to receive better use, which needs to be packaged. Let's take a look at this issue in detail.

Vertical mills have many problems to be aware of in the production and processing of materials. Some of these problems will affect the performance of the products, some will affect the quality of the finished products, and others will affect the service life, but whether it is Which kind of effect has a great impact on the final benefit, here is the packaging problem of the finished product. Generally speaking, the finished product after the vertical mill is processed, it will be more convenient to store it after packaging, but because of many users Ignore the packaging problem, which leads to the later reprocessing, which is very troublesome. Let's introduce the packaging problem.

The finished materials processed by the vertical mill are widely used. They can be applied in the chemical, construction, cement manufacturing industries. Before they are put into use in these industries, they need to be transported. If they are packaged and transported first, It is not only convenient for transportation, but also does not cause the inclusion of other substances in the finished material during transportation, or the stickiness caused by moisture, etc. These problems are important for later use.

The packaging of finished materials mainly has the following forms: workers use cloth bag packaging, screw conveyor to feed materials into the storage area for packaging, and bucket elevators to feed materials into the tank to store three methods. Advantages and disadvantages, in actual use, can be selected according to specific circumstances, for example, small production lines, can be manually packaged, if the later transportation process needs to use tankers to transport powder, you can use the hoist to lift the finished product to the material In the tank, if the production site is limited and the vertical mill production process needs to be separated from the packaging interval, the conveyor can be used to transport the material to the storage interval and then packaged.

The above describes some problems in the packaging of finished materials produced by the vertical mill. The first is why the packaging is needed. This is mainly for the convenience of transportation, and it can ensure that the nature of the materials does not change during transportation. Then introduce the packaging. Three methods and how to choose the packaging method.