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Marble Crusher Machine Manufacturer

Marble Crusher Machine Manufacturer

For the processing of marble processing, such as feeding, crushing and sieving, the main equipment used is vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, circular vibrating screen and other equipment. We have produced a series of crushing and grinding equipment such as crusher, mill, sand making machine, etc., but the vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher and circular vibrating screen selected by marble of different materials and uses. Different equipment can meet the various requirements of customers.

Structure of marble crusher machine

The marble crusher machine is mainly composed of flywheel, moving jaw, side guard plate, frame, eccentric shaft, bracket rear seat, adjusting screw, large pulley, bracket, return spring, fixed raft and movable raft.

Marble Crusher Machine Price Analysis

Reasonable prices can not only enhance the market competitiveness, but also increase the sales of equipment. What is the price of marble crushers? After our system analysis, the equipment price has the following characteristics:

  1. 1. The price of the equipment is not constant. It is closely related to the model, configuration and specifications of the equipment itself. Only when reasonable selection is made can the equipment be purchased.
  2. 2. Some external factors such as market conditions, economic situation, industry rules, supply and demand, etc. will also cause large fluctuations in the price of marble crusher machines, so this is also the main influencing factor.
  3. 3. In addition, the price sales plan developed by different manufacturers is not the same, and our price can satisfy the actual purchase demand of users as much as possible.

Marble Crusher Manufacturer Introduction

  1. 1. Strong strength: Generally speaking, the strength of the manufacturer can witness the ability of the manufacturer. The strong manufacturers can create high-quality and high-end equipment for the users, so our equipment sales are high.
  2. 2, high credibility: manufacturers with high credibility can be responsible for the user, in order to improve user satisfaction, we continue to improve the credibility to improve market competitiveness, so our equipment is well recognized.
  3. 3. Perfect service: In order to improve service quality and improve service level, we have established a sound quality management department in the industry, so that we can be highly responsible to users and avoid all worries of users in the process of use.

Marble crusher machine works

The movement mode of the marble crusher machine is a curved extrusion type, mainly by squeezing the two slabs to complete the crushing of the marble. When working, the motor starts to drive the pulley to rotate, and the eccentric shaft is driven by the V-belt and the sheave to rotate. The movement will follow a regular reciprocating motion. The moving jaws are close to the fixed jaws, and sometimes away from the movement. When the moving jaws are close to the fixed jaws, the marble falling between the two jaws is squeezed. When the shovel is broken and the slab is left under the action of the tie rod and the spring, the marble that meets the particle size will be discharged from the discharge opening at the lower part of the crushing chamber, so that the marble is continuously fed and discharged. Complete the batch crushing operation.