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Impact Crusher Plate Hammer Wear

Impact Crusher Plate Hammer Wear

Guide: For the working process of the impact crusher, the wear of the parts will cause the decrease of the production performance and the increase of the maintenance cost, especially the wear of the core parts. Here we will analyze the wear of the board hammer for everyone. What are the problems with the hazards of the equipment.

For the impact crusher, the internal parts are not only an important part of it, but also an important condition for its smooth operation. In the production, some wear parts will wear out. This phenomenon will occur. As a result of the decline in equipment performance and the increase in maintenance work, here is the manufacturer of the machine to analyze the wear and tear of the hammer and what are the hazards.

Impact hazard of impact hammer crusher

Hazard 1. The wear of the hammer will cause a lot of metal material to wear and increase the maintenance cost;

Hazard 2. If the hammer is seriously worn, it needs to be replaced. In this process, the phenomenon of the impact crusher will be stopped, which greatly delays the production progress and affects the efficiency;

These two aspects are the hazards of the hammer damage of the machine. Generally, the fracture of the hammer is observed. It can be found that the pores are even hollow and the structure is coarse. This shows that the manufacturing process of the part is not good, which means that the manufacturing process will affect. To the life of the hammer, which in turn affects the production efficiency of the impact crusher and the investment in maintenance costs, in view of this phenomenon, when selecting the hammer, it is necessary to pay attention to the manufacturing process and good manufacturing process. Guarantee the service life of the part.

In addition, the material limitation will also affect the wear of the hammer. In order to ensure the service life of the part, reduce the occurrence of faults in the impact crusher and the frequency of replacement, it is necessary to pay attention to the material of the part when selecting. What is the problem of good wear resistance? For the same reason, for other parts inside the machine, the wear resistance of the material and the manufacturing process are also important concerns when selecting.

The article mainly introduces the hazard of the hammer hammer wear of the impact crusher. Through the damage of the wear, the part should be paid attention to its manufacturing process and production material, and then refer to other parts inside the equipment. The choice remains to focus on these two aspects, which can reduce wear and tear in production, ensure equipment life and efficiency.