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Impact Crusher and Jaw Crusher

Impact Crusher and Jaw Crusher

The difference between the impact crusher and the jaw crusher

The impact crusher and the jaw crusher are both in the mine production line. The more common equipments provide great help for the crushing, milling and sand making processes, but the two are different machines, no matter what they are. Or the structure, there are great differences, this article is to analyze the difference between the two. The introduction of the impact crusher and the jaw crusher is very much on the Internet. The analysis is very detailed about its function and some situations in production. When we choose the two, we usually carry out according to the production needs. We also know the difference between the two, one is fine and the other is rough, so what is the bigger difference between the two?

The impact crusher differs from other production machines mainly depending on the structure. The structure determines the function of the machine. When the manufacturer designs it, the design structure is based on the application. Therefore, the internal structure of the two will be There is a big difference, which is also the root cause of the difference in performance and performance.

There is a fundamental difference in the working principle between the impact crusher and the jaw crusher. The impact crusher is a crushing machine that uses impact energy to crush materials. When the machine is working, the rotor rotates at a high speed under the driving of the motor. When the material enters the action area of ??the hammer, it collides with the hammer on the rotor, and then is thrown to the counter-attack device to break again, and then rebounds from the counter-attack. Returning to the hammer action zone, the process is repeated, and the process is repeated. The material is repeatedly broken into the first, second and third counter-attack chambers until the material is crushed to the required particle size and discharged from the discharge port. The jaw crusher is used for coarse crushing. Firstly, the motor drives the belt and the pulley to drive, and then forces the eccentric to move the movable jaw up and down. When the moving jaw rises, the angle between the bracket and the moving jaw becomes larger, thereby pushing the moving jaw. The plate is close to the fixed jaw, and at the same time the material is crushed or chopped to achieve the purpose of crushing; when the moving down, the angle between the bracket and the moving jaw becomes smaller, and the moving jaw is separated by the rod and the spring. The raft is fixed, and the broken material is discharged from the lower mouth of the crushing chamber.

The difference in working principle also makes the performance of the two products in production and the quality of the finished product very different. In the finished product, the finished granules of the jaw crusher equipment are relatively large, while the impact crusher is relatively large. The particles are relatively small and the use of their finished products is also different.

The article mainly introduces the greater difference between the impact crusher and the jaw crusher. The above introduction on this point is mainly explained by the difference in structural design. Because the structure is different, the working principle is not The same, then the quality and performance of the finished product in production is not the same.