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Impact Crusher And Cone Crusher

Impact Crusher And Cone Crusher

Impact crusher is different from cone crusher

Guide: There are many types of two-stage crushing equipment. The cone crusherer and the impact crusher are just two of them. Here is a brief introduction to the differences between the two types of equipment.

For the two-stage crushing equipment, there are many common types, and different equipments have different performances in production. Here we mainly introduce the difference between the impact crusher and the cone-breaking equipment. Aspects of the problem.

Different, different principles

The impact crusher adopts the principle of impact crushing. The material is repeatedly impacted and broken between the plate hammer and the counterattack plate, while the cone crushering adopts the laminated crushing, the rolling wall continuously moves toward the broken wall, and the squeeze is clamped in two. Material between them to smash them;

Different, different scope of application

The impact crusher and cone crusher can both act as secondary crushing equipment, but the hardness of the broken materials is not the same. Generally speaking, the cone crushering mainly breaks some hard materials, such as granite, basalt, tuff, river pebble, etc., while counter-breaking is used to crush materials with less hardness, such as limestone, limestone, etc., also called impact crushing equipment. It is suitable for crushing medium hardness and less tough and brittle materials, while cone breaking is suitable for crushing hard materials;

Different three, different granularity of discharge

The two different crushing equipments have different material discharge sizes. In general, the cone breaking is finer than the material crushed by the impact crusher. In actual production, there are more cones used in beneficiation, and more counter-attacks are used in building materials and construction projects.

Different four, different grain types

The shape of the impact crusher is good, the edge of the finished product is less, and the powder is more; the finished product with a conical shape has more needles and the shape is not good;

Different five, different processing capacity

Compared with the impact crusher, the cone crusher has the characteristics of low energy consumption, large output, stable production, etc., so the cone is often used for large-scale high-yield production line operations;

Different six, different input costs

The price of the cone is more expensive than the impact crusher, but the long life of the wearing parts avoids the trouble of frequently replacing parts. In the long run, the cost performance of the cone is higher, which is also the counter crusher. The pre-purchase cost is low, and the post-maintenance cost is high; the pre-cone breakage cost is high, and the late input cost is low;

Different seven, different levels of pollution

The impact crusher has large noise pollution and dust pollution; the conical broken pollution is small; The article mainly introduces the difference between the cone crusherer and the impact crusher of the two-stage crushing equipment. The analysis of this problem is mainly carried out from seven aspects. For the analysis of these aspects, the above is more detailed, mainly its Different principles, different application scopes, different performances, etc., these different distinctions can also be better to choose the right type of equipment.