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Hammer Crusher Hammer Crushing Capacity

Hammer Crusher Hammer Crushing Capacity

Main factors affecting the crushing capacity of the hammer

The main factors affecting the crushing capacity of the hammer crusher include stone hardness, stone viscosity and humidity, final discharge particle size, stone composition, crusher hammer and liner quality.

The size and hardness of the mineral material, that is, the blockiness and hardness of the crushed material. The greater the ore block size, the higher the toughness requirement, and the higher the hardness of the material, the more difficult it is to break, the more serious the wear of the equipment, and the higher the hardness requirement of the hammer material. Different types of crushers should adopt the corresponding feed size, and the service life of the hammer should be considered. The size of the incoming ore of the large hammer crusher should not be too small.

The viscosity and humidity of the ore material. The excessive moisture content of the material has a certain influence on the life of the high manganese steel hammer. If the water content is too high, the material tends to stick to agglomerates, resulting in accumulation of materials, aggravating the wear of the high-manganese steel hammerhead, and also easily causing clogging during the unloading process and reducing the crushing capacity. The greater the viscosity, the smaller the crushing capacity of the high manganese steel hammer and the faster the hammer wears.

The technical parameters of the cone crusher also affect the service life of the hammer, mainly the power and speed of the rotor. They are not only related to the production capacity of the crusher, but also to the degree of impact hardening of the high manganese steel hammer. The high manganese steel hammer has a good impact hardening degree and its service life is prolonged. The slower the speed of the crusher rotor, the smaller the crushing capacity of the high manganese steel hammer.

The size of the internal clearance of the crusher is related to whether there is accumulation in the crusher compartment. If the stock is present and the hammer cannot press the stack off the stringer, the hammer will be severely worn.

Final discharge size. The smaller the particle size required for the final crushed stone, the slower the breaking speed and the greater the wear of the hammer. Therefore, the maximum size of the broken ore material is equivalent to the outlet quilting width, and the quilting width of the purlin is within a reasonable range.

The basic composition of ore materials. The more fine powder or mud contained in the material before crushing, the more it affects the crushing ability of the hammer head, because these fine powders or mud materials are easy to adhere, affecting the transportation and speeding up the wear of the hammer head.

The better the wear resistance of the crushing hammer and the lining of the crushing equipment, the greater the crushing capacity of the hammer, so it is necessary to select the wear-resistant crushing parts (hammer head and lining) produced by the manufacturer with good quality and stable performance.

The non-crushed material in the crushing chamber of the crusher enters the inside of the machine (such as iron blocks, construction waste, etc.), which has a great influence on the hammer head, which can lead to faster wear of the hammer head and can also cause the hammer head to be scrapped and scrapped.