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Elimination Of Impact Crusher Failure

Elimination Of Impact Crusher Failure

Guide: For the failure of equipment production, it is necessary to eliminate it in time and restore the performance of the equipment. This is also true for the impact crusher. The occurrence of the fault will delay the production process. In order to better eliminate the fault, here is an introduction. Here's how to deal with common faults in the production of impact crushers.

For a professional manufacturer, not only to manufacture superior products, but also to provide comprehensive services, we are such a manufacturer, its mining equipment has excellent performance, and for any of the machines encountered in the production We can all provide reasonable help. Here is an analysis of the common problems we encountered when the impact crusher was working.

Problem 1. The phenomenon of bearing heating. This phenomenon indicates that the bearing has a lack of oil and needs to be refueled in time. In addition, if there is more oil in the bearing of the impact crusher during production, there will be heat. Therefore, when refueling, be sure to pay attention to its oil level, add it according to the requirements. There is also a situation that the damage of the bearing of the equipment will also cause heat. At this time, it needs to be replaced in time to prevent production. A greater impact;

Problem 2: Abnormal vibration phenomenon, the reason for this phenomenon is more: the material particles are larger, need to check the feed size, and add materials according to the production demand of the impact crusher; caused by uneven wear, At this time, it is necessary to replace the worn parts; if the rotor is unbalanced, the rotor adjustment is needed at this time; if the foundation is improperly handled, the anchor bolts need to be inspected and strengthened at this time;

Problem 3: The phenomenon of belt reversal, this current cause has three main aspects: the belt wear caused by this, it needs to be replaced at this time; the belt assembly problem, this time need to adjust the pulley on the same plane; counterattack The quality of the triangle belt of the crusher is problematic, and to solve this problem, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality inspection when purchasing;

Problem 4: The finished product is large. The main causes of this phenomenon are three aspects: the hammer head wears. At this time, the treatment method is to adjust or replace the hammer of the impact crusher; the gap between the hammer and the counterattack Largely caused, this time to adjust the gap, generally adjusted to 15-20mm; too large feed size will also affect the discharge granularity, so you need to add boring according to the equipment input requirements;

The article mainly introduces the troubleshooting of the impact crusher. We have the problem of coups, mainly the causes and solutions of several common faults when the machine is working. These introductions are mainly to help everyone more. Faster and faster handling of faults in the production of the machine, recovery period performance.